Security hole in popular WhatsApp message app

There’s some controversy brewing about whether the security issue in the WhatsApp secure messaging app is a backdoor or what – the Electronic Frontier Foundation spells out exactly what that should mean to the end users:

If you are a high-risk user whose safety might be compromised by a single revealed message, you may want to consider alternative applications. As we mention in our Surveillance Self-Defense guides for Android and iOS, we don’t currently recommend WhatsApp for secure communications.

But if your threat model can tolerate being notified after a potential security incident, WhatsApp still does a laudable job of keeping your communications secure. And thanks to WhatsApp’s massive user base, using WhatsApp is not immediate evidence of secretive activity.

If you need to securely communicate with anyone (and we urge you to consider to secure your communications with all family, friends, co-workers, co-conspirators, and lawyers) then you should install Signal Private Messenger and use it for all sensitive and not-so-sensitive communications. confidentiality