Secure Communications

We live in an ever evolving world of technology and security, and since 9/11 the government has obtained unprecedented powers to spy on our phone calls, emails, texts, social media – practically every aspect of our private lives.

Attorney Client Communications

Your communications with your criminal defense lawyer should be private and secure – that’s why Joe Welch uses state of the art encryption to protect your secrets.

You can reach Joe Welch at 314/494-9729 by regular phone calls and text messages, but when security is paramount, it is easy to call and text securely using Signal

Secure Phone calls and texts

Signal is a free and secure messaging app for both Android and iPhone. It’s open source and endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the civil liberties group that helps fight to keep the government out of your digital life. Signal is free and easy to install and use. Not only should you use it to communicate with your lawyer, but urge your friends and family to install and use it, too. What if the government or a hacker intercepted your text messages? What if a friend or loved one gets in trouble and your embarrassing texts to them get exposed for the whole world to see?

EFF – Installing Signal for Android
EFF – Installing Signal for iPhone
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Free Consultation

To get a free and confidential consultation, you must install Signal Private Messenger, a free and safe encrypted messaging application for Android and iPhone. Using Signal you can send encrypted texts to Joe Welch at 314-494-9729. Sending regular texts or emails is not secure. Signal Install Instructions at the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Encrypted Systems

Joe Welch uses a security-focused operating system and multiple layers of encryption on all computers and mobile devices to protect client secrets.

Learn more about protecting your secrets

Want to learn more about defending yourself and your communications from governmental intrusion? Check out Surveillance Self Defense from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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