Missouri Police Chiefs message to all cops – Medical Marijuana is the Law

It took quite awhile but police are finally getting the message that Article 14 of the Missouri Constitution is currently effective and has been since December 6, 2018 and allows anyone with a valid medical cannabis card or caregiver card issued by Missouri, or a valid medical cannabis card from any other state, to possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis. It doesn’t matter where it came from or if Missouri dispensaries are open yet – it is still lawful for cardholders to possess it.

At this point, ALL POLICE in Missouri have been notified of this new law and for officers who choose to to violate it “ignorance of the law” will not be a defense to civil lawsuits.

From Chief Sean Fagan President, Missouri Police Chiefs Association, via CompanionMag:

“[C]urrently, persons who have a valid Medical Marijuana Card are legally allowed to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana. Officers should not ask where the marijuana was obtained or request to see a receipt for the purchase of the marijuana. The marijuana does not have to be in a sealed package and can be in the person’s house, vehicle, or on their person. What is required is that the person produce a valid medical marijuana card, either by hard copy, or a photo of the card on their cell phone or computer. If they do not produce this medical marijuana card, they are unlawfully in possession. I hope this helps to avoid and future problems”

CompanionMag – Medical rights protest prompts response from Missouri Police Chiefs Association