Highway Patrol Investigating Cannabis Clinic

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is already investigating a travelling medical cannabis clinic. Missouri Highway Patrol investigating ‘Cannabus’ traveling marijuana clinic – Springfield News Leader

The government is already using questionable tactics to bust cannabis businesses:

Documents obtained by the News-Leader show that a Columbia-based private investigator went undercover to attend a Cannabus clinic held at Koko Vapors in Fulton on Aug. 27.

(Melinda Kidder, the investigator, allowed the News-Leader to use photos and documents she gathered on behalf of a client for this story, but said her company does not share or publish any evidence or information about its clients without the “express consent and request of said client.” As a matter of journalism ethics, the News-Leader and the USA TODAY Network do not perform undercover investigations.)

The report Kidder wrote up for her client noted that she listened to a congratulations speech from Health City MD after she filled out the company’s “Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-Item Scale” questionnaire on a tablet device and paid $125 for a physician certification. (A copy of the receipt was attached to Kidder’s report.)

“Once the speech was completed,” Kidder wrote, “the crowd was told they could go to ‘the van.’ I inquired of a Koko Vapors employee as to the purpose of going to the van and was informed that was where one could immediately obtain medical-grade marijuana.”

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